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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Parking Attendants

Parking attendants should arrive 2 hours before the event. Parking attendants will be responsible for directing traffic and getting participants to the designated parking area. Parking attendants will be on their feet for long periods of time. Parking attendants will check in at the volunteer station and receive high visible vest to wear.


Registration volunteers will arrive 2 hours before the race start and at least 30 minutes prior to any advance packet pick ups. Ideal registration volunteers will be available to work all advanced packet pick ups and work on race day. This ensures that the process is not new to anyone on race day. Expect to spend longer periods of time on your feet. Registration volunteers could possibly be the only face to face interaction that the participant has with the race. It will certainly be the first interaction with the participant. Registration volunteers could also be responsible for handing out t-shirts and goody bags.

T-Shirt Organization and Handout

This position will arrive 2 hours before race start and at least 30 minutes prior to any advanced packet pick ups. This position will work in conjunction with the registration workers. This position is responsible for organizing the race shirts, handing shirts and goody bags to participants.

Food Prep/Distribution

Food Prep volunteers will want to arrive 1 hour prior to the race. This position is responsible for the organization and preparation of all race foods and treats. This includes before and after the race. This position will organize tables, presentation, and all other aspects of pre and post race foods for all participants. Expect to have to lift heavy boxes, lots of walking, and extended hours on your feet.

Water Stops

Water Stop workers will arrive to “water stop locations” 1 hour prior to race start. Water stop workers will need their own transportation to the water stop. Race management will place all equipment for water stops at the designated locations. The water stop workers will spend long hours on their feet. There should be a LEAD water stop worker for each water stop. The LEAD water stop worker will be need to have the ability to communicate with the Race Director on issues such as a distressed runner or low cup volume.

Course Directional

Course directional volunteers will check in at the volunteer check in to receive a high visibility vest. Directional volunteers will report to assigned post 30 minutes prior to race start. Course Directional volunteers will need transportation to assigned location. Directional volunteers will direct and cheer on participants “ONLY’. It is the responsibility of the police officers to direct traffic. Please don’t try to direct traffic if you are a course volunteer. It is a good habit to cheer on and encourage runners. Have fun with it. Make signs. Do something to remember your location by.

Finisher Medal Hand Out

Finisher medal hand out will report to the race 30 minutes before race start. Check in at the volunteer tent. This position will be responsible for handing out finisher medals to participants as they cross the finish line. This is a position that is good for kids and younger people wanting to help with the race.

Finish Line Water Station

The finish line water stop volunteers will be responsible for setting up a water stop at the finish line. They will need to report to the race 30 minutes before race start. This position is responsible for handing athletes water after participants exit the finisher chute. This position will also want to have experience in first aid as there will be distressed runners finishing the race. Medical staff will be set up close to this location. Someone could possible work registration and then move to this position.

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